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Joachim Mensing

Dr. Joachim Mensing holds a degree in psychology and sociology and has created both brands and fragrances for the best-known manufacturers. His career took him first to New York for ESTÉE LAUDER and then to Paris as Vice-President Marketing at the perfume house COTY.In 2021, Dr. Mensing received the honorary award of the FRAGRANCE FOUNDATION for developments and marketing of, among others, the perfume classics Cool Water by Davidoff, Joop! and Jil Sander.

Furthermore, Dr. Joachim Mensing was awarded for his studies on neuroperfumery and neuropsychology. He is the author of the book "Schöner Riechen," which became a bestseller after only a few months.

His passion and curiosity for scent psychology, neuroperfumery and there especially for the synesthesia of scent, color and form in their effect on mood and emotion, as well as the psychology of scent choice - is further shared by Dr. Mensing in many current articles and in his PARFUM INSIDER seminars at the Online Perfume Academy. The unique idea of the COLORNETWORK inspired the fragrance psychologist, so that he enriches the network as a fragrance expert to support the psychological color effect of Sustained Colors in interior design with fragrances.

The COLORNETWORK is proud to have gained one of the most renowned fragrance psychologists and perfume developers.


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fragrance expert - Dr. Joachim Mensing

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