Surteco - Kantenband

Edgebanding, ABS


Color: be rooted! No. 1
Product Color: be rooted!

Edgebanding Surfaces


Edges are important details in furniture design. They create the perfect transition, which means that the furniture makes a perfect impact, without any distraction. The plastic is dyed evenly using premium pigments, so that all colour nuances remain permanently brilliant. Scores of embossing variants and different gloss levels offer full design freedom. In addition, a variety of our Uni-Edgebands are available from our Instant Edging Programme.


Product nameEdgebanding ABS
Product categoryEdgebanding
Material AEdging of furniture
Material B
Application areasfurniture and interior design applications
CNW-Product Code117 01 19 28 2

Product details

Light transmissionnot translucent
Structure and gloss levelgloss level 1
Scratch resistance4-5/mm (Erichsen)
Stabilityvariable, depends on the type of processing
Dimensions23 x 1 mm
Delivery formRoll
Weight per delivery unit 6,44kg/200m
Fire-protection category variable, depends on the type of processing
Water compatibilityvariable, depends on the type of processing
CertificationsGreenguard Gold certification

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