Hera Produkt - Lineare LED
Hera Produkt - Lineare LED
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LED IN-Stick I24

Furniture lights



Versatile internal asymmetrical profile for LED tapes. The special advantage: the minimum construction heigth of 0.6 mm. This flush mounted, asymmetrical profile is particularly suitable for achieving focused and homogenous illumination without reflection. The light can be directed exactly where it is needed. The 24 mm milled profile can be combined with all LED tapes. The profile is optionally available with end covers and can be combined with matt cover profiles. All profiles and all Hera linear luminaires can be configurated individually.


Product nameLED IN-Stick I24
Product categoryLED linear fixture
Material Asynthetic substance
Material Baluminium
Application areaslinear recessed fixture for shelves and show cases
CNW-Product Code107 01 19 32 1

Product details

Light transmission80%
Hapticsanodized aluminium / PC
Structure & gloss levelmatt (eroding structure)
Scratch resistanceanodized aluminium / PC
Dimensionsdepending on the length
Delivery formsingle packaging
Weigth per delivery unitdepending on the length
Fire-protection categoryB1 und B2 according to DIN 4102

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