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Coated chipboard



Earthy - die Sustained Color No.1! It is part of a new COLORNETWORK color concept that extends to all industries and includes all areas of interior design – from interior finishes to furnishings and textiles and even accessories. Due to the addition of neutral grey, the calm, warm shade of brown looks understated and therefore contemporary, but by no means faddish. This colour shade, which has recently started to appear in architecture and even on technical products, is very easy to combine with many other shades and communicates the most important values of our era: sustainability and durability. The Pfleiderer decor U16058 Be rooted!  is available as High pressure laminates (HPL), compact laminate, as flat bonded elements consisting of a core with HPL panelling and also as DecoBoard with direct coating lamination.


Product categorycoated chipboards
Product classdecorative melamine faced board
Material Araw chipboard or fibre board
Material Bdecor paper impregnated with melamine resin
Application areasresidential furniture, for both carcass and fronts, bathroom and kitchen furniture, interior fixtures and fittings in housing and project.
CNW-Product Code113 01 19 05 2

Product details

Light transmissionopaque
Hapticsdepending on surface structure / natural / warm
Structure & gloss leveldepending on surface (high gloss, mat)
Scratch resistance acc. to EN 14323 / depending on structure
Stabilitydepending on core material and thickness
Dimensions2655 / 2800 / 3200 / 4100 / 5310 / 5600 x 2100 mm
Delivery formmainly by truck
Weight per delivery unitdepending on core material and thickness
Fire-protection categorynormal, flame-retardant acc, to EN 13501-1
Water compatibilityP3: moisture resistant acc. to EN 312

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