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live simple! no. 8

The Sustained Color live simple ! creates space for new things through its emotional reduction and through a feeling of liberation and is therefore the color of departure. "live simple!" is an emotional white shade inspired by nature, as it has been found in light shell limestone for thousands of years. It is versatile, radiates warmth and has a pleasantly restrained character that has been finely adjusted by the design experts at COLORNETWORK. "live simple !" loves textures and flowing shapes. This new shade of white reflects mankind's departure towards more naturalness, more environmental awareness and a healthy livestyle.  


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Sustainability and green building is gaining in importance worldwide. Planners, setters and designers are looking for holistic environmental solutions. But WHAT is sustainable?


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Every year another panel of experts of eminent designers and interior designers is looking for a special colour, which through zeitgeist, durability and compatibility with other colours, has earned the right to become one of our ‘Sustained Colors’.

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