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Dirk Moysig

Dirk Moysig, born in 1966 and raised in Herford, is head and CEO of moysig retail design, a company founded in 1996. With his multidisciplinary team of designers, interior designers, architects and project managers, the conception and design of groundbreaking experiences under the brand name is a matter of utmost importance to him.

He looks back on an international career that has designed shops all over the world, from all areas of lifestyle: from fashion to cosmetics, home accessories and furniture, high-tech and consumer electronics to food.

The team around Dirk Moysig continues to break down boundaries with ideas and open new doors by creating lasting impressions. Brand becomes experience. Experience turns into success that inspires. His references are extensive, international and renowned. He and his team have already designed shops, restaurants and hotels, e.g. for asics, Chipotle, Pierre Cardin, Häcker Küchen, Puma, Rituals or the Black Suites Design Hotels.

We are very pleased that he brings all his expertise and many years of know-how in international shop design, interior and furniture design to the COLORNETWORK's expert committee on "Sustained Color No.2".

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