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Noise, garbage, lack of space and dirty air leave us little room for development and relaxation in the city. Rising rents create luxury districts for the rich and displace the social, colorful mix of cultures. But that's exactly what the urban lifestyle is all about: togetherness.

“Stay Together!” Is a team player, a flexible companion in the interior. Inspired by concrete, it symbolizes strength and lasting values and impresses with its unlimited possibilities. The interaction with green plants and natural materials such as wood or cork are important.




„stay together!“ has many allies in architecture and interior design. Almost unlimited design possibilities are offered in the interplay with metals, glass, aluminum, green plants and natural materials such as wood or cork, which has also been discovered by modern perfumery.
Synthetic perfumery has attempted to create innovative urban-metallic fragrance impressions that were previously unknown. The light, cool gray of „stay together!“ is therefore the ideal starting point on this journey of discovery to one‘s own self.
In the „power space of the in-between“, new, delicate feelings, sensations, thoughts and visions can mature unencumbered by criteria. Gray does not force itself upon us and therefore, in color psychology, also stands for the dawn in which we slowly awaken and become aware of feelings, sensations and thoughts.
Depending on which impression you focus on, scent variations are possible, which in the joint effect with „stay together!“ further charge and enrich your own travel destinations.