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Front elements

CNW-Product Code: 116 06 21 37 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: dive deep!

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As a supplier to the kitchen furniture industry in East Westphalia, we have grown with our tasks and today offer a wide range of furniture parts. In various plants, we produce a wide variety of fronts and design elements in individual designs. Whether wood, metal, glass, ceramics or laminates. We offer you different surfaces in different colors and different materials and give your living room and / or business space an exclusive expression. Whether high gloss or super matt - all surfaces in the best quality.


product nameLAQface
Product categoryFront elements
Application areasLiving Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Shops, Projects
CNW-Product Code116 06 21 37 1

Product details

Material AMDF
Material BLacquer
Light transmission0
Hapticsdepending on topcoat
Structure and gloss level structured, supermatt, GL10, High gloss
Scratch resistance depending on topcoat
Dimensions customized solutions
Delivery form own fleet or freight forwarder
Weight per delivery unit 0,25m²=4 kg
Fire-protection category B2 ; B1 possible
Certification Interzum Award: intelligent material & design 2015 & 2017; Award for high product quality, which combines innovation in material, function and design

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