Glass shelf light GS 2-LED

Furniture lights

CNW-Product Code: 107 07 22 40 1
Color: come closer! No. 7
Product Color: come closer!

Furniture lights Anbauleuchten Lightning


Decorative wall lamp with up- and downlight effect.

By using the GS 2-LED, effectively illuminated storage areas in the kitchen and living area can be staged.

The product consists of a high-quality aluminum housing and matte glass panes, which create an appealing up- and downlight effect.


product name GS 2-LED
Product category Furniture lighting
Application areas Kitchen and living area
CNW-Product Code107 07 22 40 1

Product details

Material A aluminum
Material B glass
Light transmission matte glass panes
Haptics painted aluminum / glass
Structure and gloss level frosted
Scratch resistance high
Stability 2,5 kg load per 100mm luminaire length
Dimensions 200mm width, 50mm height, var. length (4 lengths)
Delivery form single packaging
Weight per delivery unit depending on chosen length
Fire-protection category B1 and B2 acc. to DIN 4102
Water compatibility protection class IP20

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