Calma come closer!


CNW-Product Code: 108 07 22 51 1
Color: come closer! No. 7
Product Color: come closer!

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What is sustainability? A seal? A regulation? A process? For Hohenberger Manufacture of Wallpapers, sustainability is an entrepreneurial mindset. Since the mid-1980s, the Hohenbergers have been producing all their wallpapers on a purely water-based basis, i.e. without the use of solvents, plasticisers or PVC. And since then, every little step towards more responsibility for people and nature counts.
The new SALT collection, which will be presented in 2023, clearly shows how much nature also influences and accompanies the Hohenberger product development process. Inspirations from nature, which were collected on site in Hohenberg, served as a template for the new designs. We can look forward to natural colours and shapes - subtle and reserved. Included: the Sustained Color No. 7!


Product nameCalma come closer!
Product categorywallpapers
Application areaswall covering and ceiling lining
CNW-Product Code108 07 22 51 1

Product details

Structure & gloss level mica/glassbeads
Scratch resistance no
Stability dimensionally stable, high light resistance
Dimensions 0,53*10,05 m
Delivery form roll
Fire-protection category B-s1, d0
Water compatibility wash resistance/water resistant
Certifications FSC-C004120, CE

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