dive deep!



CNW-Product Code: 108 06 21 51 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: dive deep!



We know how wallpaper works...

High quality wallpapers from sustainable production. Made in Germany. Free of PVC and plasticizers. All used color systems and coating systems are water-based.


Product nameAzulejo-SINTRA
Product categorynon-woven wallpapers
Application areaswall covering and ceiling lining
CNW-Product Code108 06 21 51 1

Product details

Structure & gloss levelchalk matt surface
Scratch resistanceno
Stabilityhigh light resistance
Dimensions0,53*10,05 m
Delivery formroll
Fire-protection categoryBs1do
Water compatibilitywash resistance
CertificationsFSC-C004120, CE

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