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More and more people are choosing natural materials for their interiors. With its ceramic top, with an optional extender made from the same material, the Terra meets that need for authenticity and simplicity.

Its elegant legs, which can be customised in various colours, combine metal and ceramic.

With its metal legs with wood trim and its ceramic top, the Terra table perfectly meets the need to integrate natural materials into our interiors.

This version is equipped with a 100cm ceramic extender. Thanks to an ingenious system, it can be deployed in an instant, whenever you need it.

3 good reasons to choose this table:

  • Wooden legs
  • Ceramic top
  • integrated extender


Product name Terra
Product category furniture
Product class Tables
Material A ceramic Grigia K203
Material B metal A01 Black
Material C Oak nature E11
Application areas dinning
CNW-Product Code 111 04 20 54 2

Product details

Structure & gloss levelmat
Scratch resistancehigh
Delivery formtable top - feet - extention are delivered seperatly
Weight per delivery unitdepending on the dimensions of the table
Water compatibilityyes

All specifications are manufacturer's specifications. Liability of the CNW is excluded.