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CNW-Product Code: 125 04 20 32 1
Color: accessory reference für pay attention! No. 4
Product Color: Marble white



It’s not hard to see that MILES is once again light years ahead of the rest. Because this minimalistic luminaire is already sporting the trends that will be hanging on every wall next season: Its covers made of exquisite marble are sure to turn heads. The other surprises MILES has to offer? Three different shapes (round, carré, and long) and two sizes that can be individually combined with one another, turning even the most austere wall into an absolute eye-catcher. A little tip: MILES is also available as a metal luminaire and can be ordered in black, white, gold, copper, and bronze with an anodised finish.  


product name MILES
Name of the collection MILES
Product category Lighting
Application areas interior, bathroom, wall decoration, hallways, living aeras
CNW-Product Code 125 04 20 32 1

Product details

Material A marble
Material B plastic
Application areas interior, bathrooms, wall decoration, hallways, living aeras
Light transmission indirect light
Haptics marble
Structure and gloss level marble glossy
Scratch resistance natural product
Stability dimensionally stable
Dimensions round / square
Delivery form single packaging
Weight per delivery unit divers
Water compatibility IP20

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