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Dial Lock PUBLIC

Locking systems

CNW-Product Code: 135 08 23 73 1
Color: live simple! No. 8
Product Color: live simple!

Locking systems


The new Lehmann DIAL LOCK PUBLIC for freecode applications combines intuitive operation and clear signalling for secure and efficient storage. Thanks to its compact design, the DIAL LOCK PUBLIC harmonises well with the furniture design and can be installed in material thicknesses of 0.8 mm - 21 mm.

Programming a code and locking takes place in just three simple steps, unlocking in two steps.

The performance features that characterise this new lock are the automatic blurring of the user code for maximum security in addition to the operation of a 90° rotation path.

Key management is not required.Emergency opening is extremely simple and automatically resets the code. Right and left locks always lock in the direction of the strike plate. The dials also have a perceptible detent.


product nameDial Lock PUBLIC
Product categoryLocking systems
Application areas Office / home furniture and contract furnishings
CNW-Product Code 135 08 23 73 1

Product details

Material A Housing ABS
Material B Cover PA6
Haptics good
Structure and gloss level Surface structured
Stability Tested according to DIN EN 16014
Dimensions 91.5 x 33 x 49 mm (WxHxD)
Delivery form in a set incl. mounting material
Weight per delivery unit DL PUBLIC single without accessories 120g
Water compatibility indoor

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