Laminate - U115 ST9 Karatbeige


CNW-Product Code: 103 03 20 47 1
Product Color: give warmth!

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The desire for security gives our home a central meaning again. Here the beige and brown tones return as warming colors, but are given a modern character by a certain neutrality and a high value. U115 ST9 Carat Beige even demonstrates a new character with its name. In contrast to the existing beige tones, this is created by less yellow and more grey. A new neutrality in the "decades bestseller" beige let combinations appear warm but lighter. Carat Beige shows its modern character especially in combination with black.


product nameU115 ST9 Karatbeige
Product categoryWood-based material
Application areascomplete furniture and interior design
CNW-Product Code104 03 20 47 1

Product details

Material ALaminate
Light transmissionOpaque
Hapticsmatt, smooth, homogeneous
Structure and gloss level ST9 Smoothtouch Matt (gloss level 7 ±2)
Scratch resistance grade 3 (EN 438)
Stabilitydepending on the used base panel
Dimensions Laminate 2800 x 1310 x 0.8 mm
Delivery form Panel
Weight per delivery unit Laminate approx. 1,1 kg/m²
Fire-protection category n.a.
Water compatibility suitable for indoor use
Certification EPD "Environmental Product Declaration" for Laminate

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