CNW-Product Code: 125 05 20 32 1
Color: feel jade! No. 5
Product Color: feel jade!




Sometimes there's nothing left to add.

Design is most beautiful when colour and form are in perfect harmony. Like CLEA, whose circular shade comes in three sizes and in assorted colors. The Feel Jade! shade is unique as one of COLORNETWORK’s “Sustained Colors” which is completely committed to the sustainable definition of color concepts. It's great that CLEA has taken on this philosophy. This is reflected in its exquisite design and inner values. It makes you desire the elegant light, whose glass body crafts a particularly soft light, even more at home. After all, it can be used to craft beautifully decorative highlights on walls and ceilings.


product name CLEA
Name of the collection CLEA
Product category Lighting
Application areas interior, bathroom, wall decoration, hallways, living aeras
CNW-Product Code 125 05 20 32 1

Product details

Material A marble
Material B plastic
Application areas interior, bathrooms, wall decoration, hallways, living aeras
Light transmission indirect light
Haptics marble
Structure and gloss level marble glossy
Scratch resistance natural product
Stability dimensionally stable
Dimensions round / square
Delivery form single packaging
Weight per delivery unit divers
Water compatibility IP20

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