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Decor paper dive deep!

Decor paper

CNW-Product Code: 132 06 21 10 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: dive deep!

Decor papers self-adhesive decor papers


Munksjö is a leading global manufacturer of innovative and sustainable décor paper for the entire laminate and woodworking industry including solid colors, print base and pre-impregnated.

After further processing steps at our customers, our dyed-through solid color décor papers enable design and surface upgrades for wood-based substrates used in the production of office or home laminate furniture, laminate flooring and other interior and exterior design wood-based panels.

Our aim is to support our customers with sustainable papers in current trend colors. Sustainability determines all our actions; we focus on future oriented and environmentally friendly production and constant improvement of our ecological footprint, e.g. by further reducing our energy and water consumption.


product name Decor paper dive deep!
Name of the collection
Product category Decor paper
Application areas Surface finishing of wood-based panels for the furniture and flooring industry
CNW-Product Code132 06 21 10 1

Product details

Material A Paper
Delivery form Rolls
Weight per delivery unit depending on customer requirements
Certification No product-specific certification, ISO certificates, FSC certificate refers to the factories not to products

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