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JOJO MED dive deep!

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CNW-Product Code: 140 06 23 14 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: dive deep!

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„dive deep!" has a balancing effect on the soul and promotes well-being and balance. And yet it is profound, mystical and mysterious due to the light green content. lt promotes creativity and awakens longings. A "leader" is what the expert panel says about this unique color and recommends combining it with warm counterparts in the room, such as natural woods - whether light or dark - and other natural materials, e.g. linen, sisal or rattan. And available as wall paint without added preservatives based on casul technology. Developed for interior coating in areas with high room hygiene requirements. Has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect and is allergen-free and label-free.


product name JOJO MED dive deep!
Product category Wall colors
Application areas Interiors in residential and commercial areas
CNW-Product Code 140 06 23 14 1

Product details

Material A water
Material B casul
Light transmission a small amount
Haptics according to surface
Structure and gloss level liquid & matte
Stability best before date - 2 years
Dimensions 0,75 liter, 2,5 liter, 10 liter
Delivery form bucket
Weight per delivery unit 3 to 12 kg
Fire-protection category F 0
Water compatibility yes, water based solution

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