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CNW-Product Code: 101 06 21 69 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: dive deep!

Frames Aluminium Surfaces


AKD is a company that deals with creative product development and design. AKD focuses on products with aluminum in combination with other high-quality materials. 
Always weil thought out, sometimes polarizing, AKD products are a statement of individuality and exclusive taste. Every product is made with care and craftsmanship at our Location made in East Westphalia or implemented with selected manufacturers in Germany.  We pay particular attention to the choice of materials and processing. This is how authentic products are created of exceptional value. Favorite pieces that serve people and bring joy in the long term. AKD gets to the point. We seil the products to selected partners in the Irade and to the end customer. 


product nameFrame
Name of the collectionFrame
Product categoryframes
Application areasEverywhere around the living space
CNW-Product Code101 06 21 69 1

Product details

Material A aluminium
Material B glass
Light transmission 0%
Haptics metallic effect
Structure and gloss level sanded anodized, slightly shiny
Scratch resistance according to standard - scratch resistant
Dimensions Customized/Measures according to customers
Delivery form Retail collection goods/shipping forwarding
Weight per delivery unit according to the dimensions
Fire-protection category Standard B2
Water compatibitity Waterproof

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