dive deep!

DecoBoard - Jungle blue

Coated chipboards

CNW-Product Code: 113 06 21 47 1
Color: dive deep! No. 6

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The Monstera deliciosa is popular in our current lifestyle. Whether as a real plant, on textiles, porcelain or furniture, the monstera creates a unique tropical and, at the same time, lively atmosphere. Pfleiderer's textile decor Jungle blue shows the generous decorative leaf in a soothing shade of blue. The contrasts in the blue spectrum ideally match the 2022 Colornetwork shade "Dive deep".  Jungle blue is perfect for setting the scene on large surfaces such as furniture fronts or sliding doors. This deep blue with a white base combines well with cooler uni shades tone-in-tone or even steel-coloured metallic tones, creating a tropical, homely look. The Pfleiderer decor F79031 Jungle blue is available as High pressure laminates (HPL), compact laminate, as flat bonded elements consisting of a core with HPL panelling and also as DecoBoard with direct coating lamination.


Product Name DecoBoard
Product categoryMelamine faced boards
Material Araw chipboard or fibre board
Material Bdecor paper impregnated with melamine resin
Application areasresidential furniture, for both carcass and fronts / bathroom and kitchen furniture / interior fittings in housing and in project
CNW-Product Code113 06 21 47 1

Product details

Light transmission opaque
Haptics depending on surface structure
Structure & gloss level wood pores, mat and gloss, creative, universal
Scratch resistance depending on surface structure and decor
Dimensions2655 / 2800 / 3200 / 4100 / 5310 / 5600 x 2100 mm
Delivery form sheet / pallet
Weight per delivery unit depending on thickness and core material
Fire-protection category normal or flame-resistant acc. to EN 13501-1
Water compatibility moisture resistant DIN EN 312 (type P3, MDF.MR)
Certifications Emission: E1 E05, CARB2/TSCA VI, JIS F****, Blue Angel, Sustainable forestry/circular economy: PEFC, FSC, FSC controlled wood, Cradle to Cradle (C2C) in bronce, Environmental product declaration, food harmless certification / antimicrobial properties

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