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Strata Argentum


CNW-Product Code: 133 07 22 72 1
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Founded in 2009, Neolith, the market-leading brand of Sintered Stone is a revolutionary product which has become a material of choice for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators. This pioneering material can be specified for the most demanding interior and exterior building projects. Combining high-definition detailed decoration with high-performance qualities, Neolith offers the triple reassurance of strength, beauty and longevity.
Sintered Stone is a 100% natural material based on granite minerals, glass minerals and natural oxides:
1. Granite Materials: Quartz and feldspar, giving hardness and strength to the surface.
2. Glass minerals and silica, which ensures chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides, which deliver chromatic properties
Neolith is the optimum surfacing material for both indoor and outdoor applications. From a skyscraper façade to a kitchen worktop, Neolith’s physical and mechanical characteristics deliver ultimate performance, unmatched beauty and long-term value.


product name Strata Argentum
Name of the collection Fusion
Product category ceramic
Product class sintered stone
Application areas countertops, wall cladding, flooring, facade
CNW-Product Code133 07 22 72 1

Product details

Light transmission no change regarding UV light
Haptics riverwash
Stability According to ISO 10545-4
Dimensions 3200x1600x12, 3200x1500x6, 3600x1200x3
Delivery form Slabs
Weight per delivery unit 12mm (157,39 kg) 6mm (71,23kg) 3mm (32,05kg)
Fire-protection category NEOLITH is not deemed as COMBUSTIBLE
Water compatibility Zero water absorption
Certification European Comission Certification, NSF Certifies that Neolith is totally suitable for contact with food, Member of the US Green, Building Council (USGBC), Greenguard Certification, Registration, Evaluation, Health Product Declaration; Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, OK Kosher Certification, Health Product Declaration, Materialica Gold Award, Installation Awards

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