Pin code lock TA03

Locking systems

CNW-Product Code: 135 07 22 73 1
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Product Color: come closer!

Locking systems


The TA03 keypad and an associated electronic furniture lock can be used to securely lock furniture with hinged doors, drawers and other applications. The TA03 keypad is characterized not only by its ease of use, but also by its high-quality feel. The qualitative workmanship is pleasantly felt when touching the silicone keys. Thanks to the lower recess, the keypad also serves as a furniture handle; there is no need for an additional handle on the furniture.

The code for the keyboard can be set individually by the user. The operating mode can be set between a fixed or freecode. A highly visible LED with three different colors also serves as a visual function indicator.

The keypad is resistant to commercially available cleaning agents and disinfectants. Since it is also insensitive to dust and splash water, its range of applications expands enormously. In addition to offices and clinics, wet areas such as swimming pools or saunas are also predestined places of use.


product namePin code lock TA03
Product categoryLocking systems
Application areasOffice/home furniture as well as for object furnishings with wet areas
CNW-Product Code135 07 22 73 1

Product details

Material A ABS
Material B Silicone
Haptics good
Structure and gloss level VDE 3400 - 30 texture & gloss level good
Stability 350N orthogonal to front
Dimensions 88 x 53 x 12 mm
Delivery form Set including mounting material
Weight per delivery unit TA03 single 37,6 g
Water compatibility IP54

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