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If calm were a color, it would be grey. It does not impose itself, remains in the background and manages to draw our attention to something else: to a design furniture, a beautiful plant or to ourselves. A grey interior is like a stage, it focuses.

"pay attention!" is like a good friend who gives calmness and mindfulness. Combined with warm, golden woods and metals, it gets the necessary naturalness and warmth for a timelessly beautiful interior. Like many of our Sustained Colors, this one is a real combination talent.






Grey is the color of sophisticated transitions. Especially the shade of Sustained Color No. 4 "pay attention!" radiates a lot of balanced calm, while appearing elegant, competent, concentrated and intellectual. The associations that arise, also from a scent-psychological point of view, go back to the early history of mankind
On the one hand, it smells natural, warm and stable as one would expect from "woody-earthy or even planty notes, e.g. from the smell of cedar, tobacco leaves or sage. 
From the grey stone it is also only a short way to the smoke. To scented incense, as was practiced in the past with fragrant plant parts to pay homage to gods. The scent of Sustained Color No. 4 thus also becomes smoky and powerful and one can associate grey and black leather notes.  
"pay attention!" not only means to be alert to your surroundings, it especially means to be mindful with yourself. The combination of cedar with leather is particularly profitable for the psychological effect of this color. The woody scent cedar incense sticks, has a soothing effect on the mind. It promotes calm and concentration, relieves tension and focus.