the colorstory





As light and natural as a morning in the dunes: The rays of the sun caress your skin and soul; the feeling of walking barefoot on the beach and touching the rough sandstone rock with your hand. Bleached driftwood, branches and grass find a new place in our home as accessories or wickerwork.

 "Give warmth!" Hugs you as soon as you enter the room and immerses you in the warmth of this natural feeling of life. The natural sand color decelerates, soothes and immediately creates an atmosphere close to nature. Grayed wood and sand-colored marble are the best, timeless counterparts to this sustained color.





"Give warmth!", is a delicate, naturally warm sand color tone - reminiscent of happily experienced, stress-free vacations with the first warm and mild rays of the sun - where about winter skin and soul are gently brought back to life. This is exactly what makes Sustained Color No. 3 so special in its effect: it radiates warmth and this with the most beautiful memories.

The fragrance impression to the Sustained Color No.3 is sunny and coincides almost perfectly with the color impression. It is natural, soft and is individualized by pleasant-smelling building blocks from the world of plants, flowers, spices and woods, which reminds us of vacations or, thanks to their exoticism, of distant countries. Sunny skin scent can also support the color effect.
Overall, a wide range of ingredients is conceivable to this color psychology. Currently very popular and at the top of the international fragrance trend list are: 
Cotton Flower, Vanilla, Sandalwood and salty aqua notes, Beach, Sand and Suntan Lotion support "give warmth!" and invite vacation dreaming.