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First just a tingle on your skin and then you dive completely into the coolness of the Sustained Color No. 6. Weightlessly you glide through the water, the sun‘s rays glisten from above, the light ground gives the deep blue a slight green component and lets you be part of a breathtaking world that brings you peace and serenity. 

„dive deep!“ has a balancing effect on the soul and promotes well-being and balance. And yet it is profound, mystical and mysterious due to the light green content. It promotes creativity and awakens longings. „A leader“ is what the expert panel says about this unique color and recommends combining it with warm counterparts in the room, such as natural woods - whether light or dark - and other natural materials, e.g. linen, sisal or rattan.


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Water itself has a magical fascination for humans because it is the source of life and positively appeals to all the senses. We like to see the blue-green water with all its intermediate shades and we like to smell, feel, hear and taste it. People enjoy its complex psychological effects. Those who immerse themselves in water when they are stressed and overstimulated and are then completely alone with themselves and the element know the magical effect.

In modern perfumery, aqua, marine and maritime notes are typical, among others, with a slightly cool fragrance impression due to some menthol, mint or eucalyptus. Additional freshness is provided by scents of lime, grapefruit, but also bergamot, cucumber and fresh herbs, such as mint, which make us dream of other places.

The shade and scent of "dive deep!" the Sustained Color No.6 is an invitation to dive into the coolness of deep blue-green water, which wonderfully refreshes the senses and is good for regeneration and relaxation. We immerse ourselves visually and olfactorily in a multi-sensory world without noise and stress, which promotes the distraction of one's thoughts and thus facilitates personal rebirth.