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The longing for interpersonal closeness, touch and security that can be felt in society inspired the creation of this exceptionally sensual color. The physicality of this shade touches us deeply in the soul and envelops us in warmth and security. Tactile experiences are natural and essential needs in the relationship between humans and humans, humans and materials, humans and space. A color that touches our senses and embodies emotion. With „come closer!“, materials come alive in a unique way. At the same time, the stunning personality of this color development creates an unmistakable statement for space, product and surface. Its extravagant ambivalence is very multi-faceted and surprises even professionals with its versatility in mixing materials.




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"come closer!" is a warm, medium dark caramel tone that wants to be experienced not only visually and olfactorily, but also gustatorily. It triggers intense olfactory and gustatory associations - especially of a warm chocolate drink into which delicious creamy vanilla has been stirred for the ultimate gourmand pleasure and which thus resembles a noble nougat mousse au chocolat in terms of color. The shade of "come closer!" is therefore like an invitation to the "Café Wunschllos Glücklich", a place of deceleration that promises absolute well-being. The Sustained Color No.7 come closer! is therefore the color of the social gathering.

Room fragrances with the world's most popular aromas of chocolate and vanilla can further support the psychology of this color here. Vanilla has also conquered perfumery in recent years. This is dominated by the gourmand note fragrance, which has become a permanent olfactory trend for several years - with further increasing importance. In this expression, vanilla smells seductive together with caramel, toffee, chocolate and coffee cream notes.

With the appropriate fragrance support, Sustained Color No.7 is an emotional group remedy that, as a pleasure powerhouse, promises chances of recovery, especially for feelings of loneliness.


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