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what is a Sustained Color?

A „Sustained Color“ is a color for interior and lifestyle chosen by an interdisciplinary committee of experts made up of designers and interior designers, which is characterized by long-term validity and versatility. The yearly new chosen „Sustained Color“ supports the planner in the interior design without being too prominet. Despite their validity of at least 10 years, they are at the level of the zeitgeist and reflect the social demands of the coming years.

The Accessory References are fashionable combinations for a contemporary presentation of „Sustained Color“.

the Sustained Color No. 1: be rooted!

In a turbulent world, restless, digital and as hard as concrete, mother nature slows us down and lets us pause for a moment: the seas are polluted, global warming is noticeable; we are starting to reflect and to long for the simple things — the primal source. Mindfulness helps us to value life again - the trees, the bushes, the animals and insects.

Our ‘Sustained Color No. 1’ lets us feel the warmth, the origin of life, like a million micro-organisms in a fistful of soil. It is the source from which life emerges. The subtle natural hue of ‘be rooted!’ lets us pause for a moment and grounds us, roots us, gives us inner peace and a sense of security.

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