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In a restless world, restless, digital and hard as concrete, Mother Nature slows us down and makes us pause: the oceans polluted, global warming noticeable, we begin to reflect and long for the simple - the original. Mindfulness helps us appreciate life again: the trees, the shrubs, the animals and insects.
Our "Sustained Color No. 1" makes us feel the warmth, the origin of life, like a million tiny creatures in a handful of earth. It is the origin from which life grows. The soft natural color of the "be rooted! " makes us pause and grounds us, roots us, gives peace and security.







“be rooted!“ is a calm, soft and warm wood shade. It also reminds a bit of a delicious dark chocolate mousse. In general, woody notes add calmness, harmony and balance to a perfume. Properties such as down-to-earthness, stability, safety and security are associated with these fragrance components. 
Nature unfolds all its magic with woody notes. In the forest, it is the resins warmed by the sun that conjure up sweet and spicy-caramel scents, thus coming very close to the primordial smells. One explanation for why resin-wood notes and associated brown tones like “be rooted!“ are so good for the soul.
In psychological terms, the scent of “be rooted!“ supportive to cleanse the senses and retreat from the hectic everyday life. It helps to focus and stands for the new beginning.

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