Colornetwork - Impressum


Who is behind it

Katrin de Louw studied interior design and founded her company TRENDFILTER - design future for furniture and materials in 1997.

She is the initiator of the COLORNETWORK and the trend forum servicepoint A30 in the center of the German furniture industry, freelance author and Juror and works internationally for large and small companies. According to the trade press, she is the leading trend expert for material and furniture design trends.

The concept- since 2019

COLORNETWORK is revolutionary in its service for interior designers and interior decorators and also in terms of product transparency, via the "Sustainability Statement" for each individual product. This makes sustainability in interior design comprehensible and comprehensive. The "Sustainability Statement" makes the entire cradle-to-cradle process chain of each individual product visible and comprehensible for the planner.

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The colors

Sustainability goes further in our color concept: with the help of the changing expert panel of top designers, we develop "Sustained Colors", i.e. colors that pursue a long-term claim. In the process, our colors are not only tested for their ability to be combined with materials and woods, but are also thought out in a highly attractive, modern environment by means of modern combination recommendations, the "Accessory References". Our colors remain beautiful and are interpreted in a modern way through new combination recommendations, even after many years. This gives furnishers of all kinds, but also investors and builders, industry and processors, security in their choice of colors.


The color-match range

Digitisation can find colors, but it cannot judge whether they stand well together in interior design. The digital output devices, the screens, are usually not suitable for this. Here, this network offers a lot of service and time saving in the project. Even in the COLORNETWORK not all products are 1:1 identical in color, but they have been classified as compatible by renowned designers, interior architects and experts.


The network

The aim is to link all visible interior design and lifestyle products on the Sustained Colors so that holistic planning solutions are possible, e.g. in small rooms or in large, cross-functional areas such as open-plan kitchen-living situations.