Rehau - Raukantex Color
Rehau - Raukantex Color



CNW-Product Code: 115 01 19 28 2
Color: be rooted!
Interior finishing components Edgebanding Plastic panels Surfaces Panel materials Wall and ceiling coverings


Recyclate-based edgeband with recycled raw materials from material recycling.


Product nameRAUKANTEX
Product categoryfurniture components and interior finishing components
Material APP
Application areassealing of cut surfaces on panel-shaped building materials
CNW-Product Code115 01 19 28 2

Product details

Light transmissionN.A.
Hapticsvarious degrees of gloss and structures
Structure & gloss levelvarious degrees of gloss and structures
Scratch resistanceUV-sealed surface
Dimensionswide dimensional range
Delivery formrolls
Weight per delivery unitvariable
Fire-protection categoryDIN 4102: B2 / EN 13501: E
CertificationsMarket launch of this product takes place via COLORNETWORK - registration for awards, ecolabels etc. takes place in parallel.

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