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CNW-Product Code: 118 01 19 48 1
Color: be rooted!
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With a clear line we combine solid wood and metal, strength and airiness, quality and design. With this line - our LINJA collection - we reduce robust materials such as wood and metal so smartly that an almost floating appearance is created. All materials are of the highest quality and combine to create a piece of furniture with lasting value. Our robust solid wood, for example, is treated exclusively with natural oil, allowing it to breathe and thus improve the room climate. Natural solid wood furniture that lasts a lifetime. Real and unique, sustainable and healthy.


Product nameLinja
Product categoryfurniture
Material Awood
Material Bsteel
Application areasinterior
CNW-Product Code118 01 19 48 1

Product details

Light transmissionimpermeable
Structure & gloss levelmatt
Scratch resistanceconditionally scratch-resisitant
Delivery formpartially fitted

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