Duropal HPL


CNW-Product Code: 113 01 19 26 1
Color: be rooted!
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Duropal HPL / Duropal HPL Metallic is a decorative high-pressure laminate in post forming quality of classification HGP / VGP according to EN 438-3, with a hard-wearing melamine resin surface and sanded back.


Product nameDuropal HPL
Product categoryHPL lamination
Material Alaminate
Material Bmelamine imprignated paper (with overlay)
Application areashigh end, easy-care, robust surface material for furniture and interior fittings
CNW-Product Code113 01 19 26 1

Product details

Light transmissionopaque
Hapticsdepending on texture
Structure & gloss levelin over 30 different textures available
Scratch resistancedepending on surface texture
Stabilitydepending on thickness 0,50 (HPL) - 15 mm (HPL Compact)
Dimensions2050 - 5300 x 1300 mm / 2800 / 5600 x 2070 mm
Delivery formfreight forwarder
Weight per delivery unitdepending on thickness and format
Fire-protection categorynormal flamable D-s2,d0/ or flame retardant B-s1,d0
Water compatibilitymoisture resistant

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