accessory reference

Serie LS in Noir d'ivore

Light switches and sockets

CNW-Product Code: 124 05 20 66 1
Color: accessory reference für pay attention! No. 4
Product Color: noir d'ivoire

switches and systems


Timeless elegance is promised by the switches and sockets from the LS series by JUNG. The linear and square shape in high-quality materials blends discreetly into the ambience. The production is made to order and hand-painted by experienced professionals in Germany. The varnish was specially developed for the use of light switches. The color is a natural color - in the designation 4320E noir d'ivoire by Le Corbusier. It is naturally harmonious and can be impressively combined in any way.


product name Serie LS 990
Product categorySwitches and systems
Application areas Interior design
CNW-Product Code124 04 20 66 1

Product details

Material ADuroplast
Hapticsvelvety matte
Structure and gloss level matte
Scratch resistance high
Stability high
Dimensions 81 x 81 mm
Delivery form Packing according to customer requirements
Weight per delivery unit Varies by product type
Water compatibility Varies by product type
Certification All JUNG products intended for fixed installation on low-voltage systems have a safety certification from accredited testing institutes, e.g. from VDE or DEKRA test centers.

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