self-adhesive decor paper

CNW-Product Code: 126 04 20 77 1
Color: pay attention! No. 4

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easySTYLE is a fast and cost-efficient solution for many applications in interior or store design and can be applied to almost all flat and smooth surfaces. The self-adhesive film can be easily applied by hand. easySTYLE offers a revolutionary air channel technology, which allows an effortless application and the ability to easily remove any trapped air, guaranteeing a bubble-free finish. easySTYLE has been developed for fast and easy applications on furniture. Keep up with shorter advertising cycles, changing interior trends or seasonal promotions with easySTYLE – your fast and cost-efficient solution for many applications in interior or store design.


Product nameHaitabu
Product categoryPaper-based self-adhesive decor paper
Material APET-Decor paper compination
Material Bsiliconized PE-Paper
Application areasInterior or store design, prototyping, gastronomy, walls and all smooth surfaces
CNW-Product Code126 04 20 77 1

Product details

Light transmissionDecor papers have a very high opacity
Structure & gloss level60° = 4,7 / 85° = 6,5 Dr. Lange
Scratch resistance Chemical attack group Din 68861 Part 1D-1B
Stability tear-resistant
Dimensions 124cm x 10m & 25m
Delivery form roll
Weight per delivery unit 10m = 6 Kg / 25m = 15 Kg
Water compatibility yes, if the edges are sealed

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