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CNW-Product Code: 110 05 20 02 1
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Glass is durable, resistant, heat-resistant and, thanks to its non-porous surface, absolutely unbeatable in terms of hygiene. Of course, all our glass worktops and back panels are made of thermally toughened single-pane safety glass (ESG). As opposed to non-tempered glass, ESG glass is more temperature-resistant, impact-resistant, shockproof and has a higher flexural strength. From glossy to satin, the glass surface offers countless design options. Monochrome printed glass stands out with its brilliant colors, while sanitized surfaces charm with a silky shimmering elegance. Design decors are printed directly onto the finished safety glass in a specially developed process and customized patterns are also feasible at any time. All colours are UV resistant and suitable for both indoor applications and the use in kitchens.


Product nameGlass worktops and backsplashes
Product categoryfurniture
Material AGlass worktops
Material BGlass backsplashes
Application areasinterior design
CNW-Product Code110 05 20 02 1

Product details

Light transmissiontranslucent, transparent
HapticsMezzo & satin+ finish: silky matt / Gloss: smooth
Structure & gloss levelMezzo & satin+ finishes: matt / gloss finish: glossy
Scratch resistanceMezzo and satin+: high / Gloss: low
Stabilityvery stable
Dimensionsworktops max. 3040 x 1250 mm, backsplash max. 3080 x 1280mm
Delivery formcustomized
Weight per delivery unitworktop 30 kg/m²
Water compatibilityvery high
CertificationsGlass: DIN EN 572, Water based lacquers: among others DIN EN 71-3, ÖNORM EN 13501-1, ISO 16000 Teil 3, 6, 9, DIN 6886-1

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