accessory reference

Serie LS 990-32130 terre ombre Brûlée

switches and systems

CNW-Product Code: 124 06 21 66 1
Color: accessory reference für dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: terre ombre Brûlée

switches and systems


With its restrained design and classic shape, LS 990 fits in virtually every architectural concept. The simple beauty of the range allows switches, sockets and operating elements to become part of the architecture. Colours from white to black and matt or glossy surfaces offer many possibilities to find the fitting design for your rooms. Here in the matt variant graphite black. The frames and covers with the matt effect impress with their lacquer, which gives them a special quality. The high-quality appearance and the velvety touch underscore the special switching experience.


product name Serie LS 990
Product categorySwitches and systems
Product class Switches and sockets
Application areas Interior design
CNW-Product Code124 06 21 66 1

Product details

Material A Duroplast
Haptics velvety matte
structure & gloss level matt
scratch resistance low
Stability high
Dimensions 81 x 81 mm
Delivery form Packing according to customer requirements
Weight per delivery unit varies by product type
Water compatibility varies by product type
Certificate All JUNG products intended for fixed installation on low-voltage systems have a safety certification from accredited testing institutes, e.g. from VDE or DEKRA test centers.

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