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Services and support


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With a consistent focus on materials and a high level of customer orientation, we have been curating the inexhaustible variety for 16 years: raumprobe is now the leading materials library in Germany.

New products, innovations and proven classics can be experienced with all the senses in the 2,000 square meter exhibition in Stuttgart. More than 50,000 samples are available to inspire visitors to new ideas and to find the right building material for the upcoming project.

In the digital material application, the fast material filter makes a targeted search for the right material a real pleasure. Additional offerings such as the materialREPORT, regular reports and background stories on material manufacturers, special shows and the annual Material Award show what fascinating possibilities the world of materials offers today.

Events and further training courses are offered as part of the Materials Academy. With the best possible mix of both worlds, digital and real, we make materials and innovation tangible. Experience inspiration and plenty of information on the hottest materials

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