accessory reference

Metal dark


CNW-Product Code: 110 06 21 02 1
Color: accessory reference für dive deep! No. 6
Product Color: metal dark



Powerful, aesthetic and durable - all these features characterise a Lechner ceramic worktop! Made of quartz, porcelain clay, feldspar and ton, this material opens up completely new design possibilities in kitchens. The so-called silicate raw materials are fused together in a firing process and form a material that could hardly be more versatile. The result is a resistant and durable ceramic worktop that meets the highest quality standards. Worktops and backsplashes in various material thicknesses can be made from this high-quality material. An expressive representative of the lndustrial Look is the Metal dark decor. lt skilfully picks up on the theme of cold-rolled steel and caplivates with exciting shades of blue, corroded areas and a fascinating play of colours. 


Product nameMetal dark
Product categoryWorktop
Material ACeramic
Application areasPrivate kitchen
CNW-Product Code110 06 21 02 1

Product details

Light transmissionnone
Structure & gloss levelmatte
Scratch resistancehigh
Dimensionsup to 3200 x 1300 mm
Delivery formcustomized ready-made
Water compatibilitywater resistant

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