INDEWO come closer!

Veneered wood-based materials

CNW-Product Code: 105 07 22 20 1
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Product Color: come closer!

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SPARPLEX made from domestic and certified spruce is a sensation in the world of plywood. The variant with INDEWO digital printing stands for elegance and originality. Here the naturalness, haptics and warmth of noble wood are combined with the almest endless design possibilities of digital printing. 
This opens up a multiflacted design potential that has so far been reserved only to the tile and wallpaper industry. Traditional ornaments and wood merge with the help of the latest technology to create an unprecedented material.The concept of sustanability is not lost from sight in the course of this. 


Product name INDEWO come closer!
Product category Veneered wood-based materials
Material A Spruce plywood
Material B Veneer of choice
Application areas High-quality interior surfaces for wall, floor, ceiling as well as furniture construction in living and commercial areas
CNW-Product Code 105 07 22 20 1

Product details

Light transmission No
Haptics Natural
Structure & gloss level Matt
Scratch resistance Depending on the structure of the varnishing
Stability High
Dimensions Standard and fixed dimensions according to customer
Delivery form On pallets by shipping company
Weight per delivery unit Depending on number of pieces
Fire-protection category Normally flammable to flame retardant
Water compatibilityDepending on the carrier
CertificationCore boards and veneers are FSC or PEFC certified

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