Egger Produkt - Branson Robinie trüffelbraun
Egger - Branson Robinie trüffelbraun
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Branson Robinie trüffelbraun

Coated chipboard



The Branson Robinia truffle brown decor is completely in line with the Egger trend world "FutureRetro". Retro-optics appear in a new look or in modern variations and are thus directed towards the future again. The elegant linear decor in a classical dark and warm colour scheme is given a modern natural look by the ST19 Deepskin Excellent texture. The matt-gloss effects of this wooden surface in combination with the mother-of-pearl pigments included in the décor create an authentic feel and look.

The Branson Robinia decor is available in the Egger decor laminate, i.e. it can be used as direct-coated chipboard (EGGER Eurodecor), laminate or even as compact board. The available matching edge to the decor allows it to be used for the complete furniture and interior design.


Product nameTruffle Brown Branson Robinia
Product categorywood-based materials
Material Awood (70% fresh wood, 30% from recycling wood)
Material Bglue
Application areasfor furniture and interior design like furniture carcasses, furniture front doors, furniture parts
CNW-Product Code104 01 19 05 1

Product details

Light transmissionimpermeable
Hapticselegant wood grain
Structure & gloss levelST19 Deepskin Excellent
Scratch resistance≥ 1,5 N (according to EN14323)
Stabilitybeding strength apr. 11 N/mm²
Dimensions2800 x 2070 x 8 bis 38 mm
Delivery formboard
Weigth per delivery unitapr. 12 kg/m² (if 19 mm thickness)
Water compatibilityfor interior use only

All specifications are manufacturer's specifications. Liability of the CNW is excluded.