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what is a Sustained Color?

A „Sustained Color“ is a color for interior and lifestyle chosen by an interdisciplinary committee of experts made up of designers and interior designers, which is characterized by long-term validity and versatility. The yearly new chosen „Sustained Color“ supports the planner in the interior design without being too prominet. Despite their validity of at least 10 years, they are at the level of the zeitgeist and reflect the social demands of the coming years.

The Accessory References are fashionable combinations for a contemporary presentation of „Sustained Color“.

the Sustained Color No. 5: feel jade!

Digitization is changing our lives. Improve robots and artificial intelligence human thought processes and bring our habits to the test. On the Search for your own identity and the value of it is not uncommon for us humans to falter.

Jade stands for harmony and balance. You is used worldwide as a magic stone with healing Revered forces, symbolizes longevity, Femininity and is a symbol for nature. "Feel jade!" Is a gentle, natural jade nuance, which only at second glance show their intense, emotional effect unfolds in the room.

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